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Creating clarity with


Does everybody know how his or her effort contributes to the company earnings and to the wellbeing of the team?

Can controlling really support your team spirit?

Examples of KPIs we

might look at

Asset Dashboard

  • Products
  • Value adding hours per customer
  • Customer Life Cycle Value
  • Customer contact per day
  • HR (skills, team rating,…)
  • Capability of change (developing KPIs)
  • Hardware / Software

Financial Dashboard

  • Free cash flow
  • Contribution margin per customer
  • Ebit (earnings…)
  • ROI (return on investment)
  • NPV (Net present value)
  • Target figure for marketing cost per customer (or period)

Questions I might be

able to help you with

  1. Which KPI do we need for which decision?
  2. Who should know about which KPI in the company?
  3. How can we reduce the number of reports within the company drastically?
  4. How can we break through silo thinking with the help of uniform KPI reports?

At the end of my service, ideally we have achieved a transparent picture within the whole team with a handful of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and everybody knows exactly how his or her effort contributes to the company and to the wellbeing of the team.

KPI development